Surpass Offshore

1960’s British Lighter Barge

Surpass-Offshore-featSurpass is the garden barge situated at the near end of the moorings, with  deck views of Tower Bridge.

Its gardens are well established.  If you check out the book ‘secret gardens’ you will see pictures of the early garden.  Now on top of Surpass there are four glorious medlar trees.  So, this means lots of lovely jam and chutney in the autumn, maybe this year even Medlar cheese……

We (Lori and Heli) are the latest tenant s sharing Surpass offshore.  We are lucky to have a small veggie patch on the side of the boat.  Where we are trying out our green skills. Last year we had a sunflower competition, but were robbed of the first prize by the slimy slugs!

This year we have exciting new addition to the boat…..BEES!  Come and that a cautious look at the hive hiding behind the veggie patch.  So may be next year  we will have honey to go with medlar cheese.



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